What can the MulchTec RotoSeeder do?

The seed drill combination for regenerative mulching systems
The MulchTec RotoSeeder is the logical addition to the planting machine for year-round work with the mulching system. The machine combines a reversible tiller with good sowing technology. It processes residual mulch and harvest residues, reliably terminates weeds through extensive undercutting and places the seed under the soil mulch mixture.

Role of the machine in the mulching system

Two operations in one
Simultaneous, subsurface milling to terminate weeds and crops and sow catch crops.

Sowing under mulch
Seeds of cereals and catch crops are placed directly on the tillage horizon, with connection to capillary water

Use of residual mulch and crop residues
Ensures the desired, permanent coverage of the floor

Enables permanent rooting
Protection against erosion and other environmental influences and increasing soil fertility

How it works

1. Lift and chop residual mulch and crop residues
2. Flat undercut with precise height control
3. Sowing of cereals or catch crops
4. Laying the chopped mulch material on the rooted soil
5. Pressing the mulch layer with self-cleaning pressure roller

This is what the MulchTec-RotoSeeder can do

- Solid milling technology using a reversible milling machine
- This means no pre-compaction of the soil
- Precise height control using front and rear rollers
- Self-cleaning Farmflex rollers
- Seeding bar for uniform broad sowing across bed width
- Optional integration of a pneumatic seed drill from APV or LEHNER with powerful electric or hydraulic fans
- Seeding shaft for fine or coarse seeds
- Rotation speed of the shaft adapted to the driving speed of the tractor

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