Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you ONLY use wholegrains, or is there some white or refined flour in some of your recipes?
    We only use wholegrains. We place whole grain into our mill, and collect the flour out the other end. If we put 10kg of grain in, we get 10kg of flour out. Nothing is removed.

    Our rice & buckwheat loaf contains a small amount of organic tapioca flour to give it good structure. This is not a refined product, tapioca, the starch from the cassava-root, is a natural product.
  • Are all of your products organic?
    No. If a product we make has 100% organic ingredients (excludes yeast), we call that an 'organic product' (e.g. 'organic spelt loaf'). If one or more ingredients is not organic, we do not call it an organic product (e.g. 'stone oven seed bread').
  • Are all of your products vegetarian or vegan?
    Yes, all of our products are fully vegetarian and vegan. We advocate a balanced meat-free diet, including nuts, wholegrains, beans, fruits and vegetables as the healthiest way to eat.
  • Do you cater for allergies such as dairy, egg and wheat?
    Yes, all of our products are free of dairy and egg.

    Many of our products are wheat free. Some wheat-sensitive people are able to eat our kamut and spelt breads.
  • I am allergic to tomato, can I order the pizza bases without the tomato sauce?
    Sure, you may have to wait a bit longer until we make the next batch of pizza bases, but we are quite flexible, and happy to accomodate your special requests. Please specify on your order, or via contact us.
  • Do I have to pay with credit card, or can I pay via bank transfer?
    You may choose either credit card payment (via PayPal), or bank transfer, or you can pay in cash if you are picking up your order.

    Please note, if you choose bank transfer, we must receive your payment before your order will be shipped. (This takes 1-2 working days to come through to our bank account, so please take this time into consideration if you want to use bank transfer.)
    Bank: Westpac 03-0155-0391392-001
  • What if I am not home when the courier comes?
    We have asked Fastway to leave your box at your premises if you are not home. If you are unsure if your box has been delivered, please contact us (see Contact us).

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