Senior Food Technology

NCEA levels 1,2 & 3 Food Technology and Hospitality courses, run through secondary schools in Palmerston North.

Junior Food Technology

Years 7 to 10 Food Technology programs in intermediate and secondary schools.


Food and Beverage preparation and customer service in our commercial kitchen environment.


Spend one day per week in our cafe and bakery as part of your Secondary School subject selection - approximately 20 credits at NCEA Levels 2 or 3.

Food Technology in a Commercial Context

Hands-On Food runs Food Technology and Hospitality classes for a number of secondary schools in Palmerston North in the live commercial setting of Wholegrain Organics. From year 7 to year 13, classes are held in the large commercial kitchen downstairs in the heart of Wholegrain Organics' cafe and bakery. Students have wider stakeholders on hand to sample and give feedback on their prototypes.

Students are exposed to a wide array of commercial equipment, a huge pantry of whole plant-based ingredients and trained in correct and hygienic methods for preparation and presentation.


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